Australian IPE deaths

Hi guys,

I got a call from John Lippman and Carl Edmunds on behalf of DAN Asia Pacific.  They're investigating two Immersion Pulmonary Edema fatalities. They shared with me a couple of pieces of info that are worth passing along:

- IPE has at least a 30% recurrence rate
- in at least one case, the diver completed 53 post-IPE dives before their fatal incident
- IPE in divers appears to be distinct from IPE in world class triathletes and military divers
- divers who have experienced IPE may also experience it while snorkeling or swimming

Their research and the work continuing at Duke are key to unraveling the mystery of IPE.  DAN membership dollars support their work.

As for me, I don't like those odds.  I'm out of the water (again, sigh) until I get  more facts on my exposure.

I'll pass along updates when I hear more.

Dave safely!



Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Just came across your post. Very interesting/disconcerting.

I had an incident this July where IPE was the likely culprit.

If you'd like to discuss your incident/subsequent findings etc. please let me know as I'm keen to find a way forward also.


Phil said...


I'm sorry to hear about your incident. Congrats on surviving!!

I'm happy to share whatever I've gleaned from the last year.

You can reach me on twitter as @o2fill