First Responders Day

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A few hours ago, a friend from St. Louis texted me a reminder to think of the firefighters and police who lost their lives on 9/11.  I assume it was from Dave or Sharkey. my long-time dive buddies who h
elped me survive last year's IPE accident - coaxing breaths into me on the rocking deck of the Diver Down.  Both experienced first responders, they were there when I needed them - skilled, trained, ready, willing and able.  As Sharky once said after a night of beer and war stories, "The thing is, Phil, no-one is every sorry to see us!!"  Very true.

It is easy to forget that our lives, our way of life and our loved ones rest in the safe comfort of the protection  our first responders provide.  Be they police, firefighters, coast guard, emergency room staff, or EMTs, they train constantly to be able to put their bodies and themselves in harm's way to protect us when we are no longer able to protect ourselves.

While in past years the focus on the news and on television has been on the acts of 9/11, this year was significant in its focus on the victims and the heroes of the day.  I propose that we declare September 11th to be First Responders Day, on which we remember the tens of thousands of men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting ours.

If you agree, please up-tweet this with the hash tag #firstrespondersday.

Be safe and, to all the first responders out there, thank you for life.


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